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Majid Ali, M.D.

August 28, 2010, The New York Times ran a front page story entitled "Years Later, No Magic Bullet Against Alzheimer's Disease." This was a grave disservice to Times' readers. Consider the following quote from the report:

"But the juryís verdict was depressing and distressing. So far, nothing has been found to prevent or delay this devastating disease, which ceaselessly kills brain cells, eventually leaving people mute, incontinent, unable to feed themselves, unaware of who they are or who their family and friends are."

So far, nothing has been found to prevent or delay this devastating disease. This is a shameful distortion of the facts. Alzheimerís disease, first and foremost, is an oxygen problem of the brain cells caused by the trio of toxicities of foods, environment, and thoughts, such as heavy metal overload, toxic protein deposition, gut fermentation, and others that block oxygen's energetic and detergent functions. In my book Oxygen and Aging (2000), I devoted a chapter to Alzheimerís disease and the use of oxystatic therapies to prevent it and arrest its course in early and intermediate stages.

The Times should have pointed out that this is parroting the view of drug doctors, who do not detect nor correct nutrient deficiencies and long-term accumulations of toxins in the brain. This is not a potshot at the Times. Here is my challenge to the champion of ďAll the News That's Fit to Print.Ē

Give me a group of 50 patients with Alzheimer's disease, 25 in early stage of Alzheimerís disease and 25 in the intermediate stage of the disease. I will use my Alzheimer's Nutrient Protocol for a period of 18 weeks in a clinical observational study. The family members or care providers will be asked to complete a clinical outcome questionnaire. I predict the following rates of positive responses in mental functions: early subgroup, over 50%; intermediate subgroup, between 25 and 50%.

Patients with advanced with Alzheimerís disease, in my hands, do not respond to my Alzheimerís Nutrient Protocol in a clearly demonstrable way. Again, I repeat that all relevant issues of brain toxicity-mercury, lead and other metals, toxic protein deposition, gut fermentation, and others that block oxygenís energetic and detergent functions-cannot be addressed in just eighteen weeks. My essential point here is: It is a blatant distortion to assert that nothing has been found to prevent or delay this devastating disease.

Dr. Aliís Alzheimerís Nutrient Three-Phase Study Protocol
Six-Weeks Phase I

A. Intramuscular injections
Glutathione 400 mg
Vitamin B12 5,000 mcg
Vitamin B Complex 2 ml
Magnesium sulfate 500 mg

The above protocol will be administered daily for three days, then on alternate days for twelve days, and finally on every third day for the remaining days of Phase I.

B. Intravenous Infusion
My intravenous infusion protocol includes 400 mg of glutathione, 2,000 mg of magnesium sulfate, 500 mg of taurine, 5,000 mcg of vitamin B12, and multivitamins. It is administered once weekly for six weeks. For full details concerning the composition and administration of the infusion, I refer professional readers to Darwin, Dysox, and Oxystatic Therapies, the 11th volume of my textbook entitled The Principles and Practice of Integrative Medicine.

Six-Weeks Phase II
All nutrient therapies will be discontinued for six weeks and the same family members or care providers are asked to complete the clinical outcome questionnaire.

Six-Weeks Phase III
All nutrient therapies will be reinstituted as described in Phase I for the last six-week period. Then the same family members or care providers are asked to complete the clinical outcome questionnaire.

In clinical practice, of course, I address all other oxygen issues and reduce the dose and frequency of injectable nutrient therapies in the long-term treatment plan.

Observational Studies
The three-phase clinical outcome study described for Alzheimerís disease is based on my experience with patients with early and intermediate stages of the disease. Such studies are called observational studies. The Times expressed its opinion of observational studies with the following words:

Such studies, known as observational ones, are not the gold standard, like those in which people are randomly assigned to take a pill or do something like exercise, or not. Observational studies are useful in generating hypotheses but are not proof. Still, if several well-done studies of this type come to the same conclusion, they can be valuable evidence.

If several well-done studies of this type come to the same conclusion, they can be valuable evidence! At least the Times recognized that much.

Need I point out to the Times= writer that all progress in surgical fields wasĖand continues to be-made with observational studies.

The NIH Panel
Here is another quote from The New York Times concerning the investigation by the National Institutes of Health:

Currently, "the panel wrote, Ano evidence of even moderate scientific quality exists to support the association of any modifiable factor (such as nutritional supplements, herbal preparations, dietary factors, prescription or nonprescription drugs, social or economic factors, medical conditions, toxins or environmental exposures) with reduced risk of Alzheimerís disease.

Needless to point out that none of the members of the NIH actually practice integrative medicine. And that is the shame of the reports of both the National Institutes of Health and The New York Times.

Neglected Oxygen Therapies
The common purpose in my Alzheimerís Protocol is to restore neuronal oxygen homeostasis, as described at length in Oxygen and Aging (2000). This subject assumes intense importance in light of recent reports of compelling evidence that two types of tests, PET scans of Alzheimerís plaque in the brain and tests of spinal fluid, can predict the development of disease with near certainty years before the disease is clinically recognized.


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Ethics-in-Medicine, Inc. was organized to advocate and promote access to compassionate, ethical, and effective health care, with an unrelenting focus on health preservation and disease reversalópreferring, when safely possible, nutritional and nondrug approaches. For those purposes, it is necessary to strongly oppose the pernicious influences of the Medical-Industrial Complex over all aspects of the art and science of healing practices.America's extreme health problems cannot be addressed without a radically new way of thinking about health and the absence of health. The three core problems of American medicine are: The 21st-century health problems caused by poisoned foods, polluted environment, and perverted life circumstances are addressed with 19th-century notions of disease and drugs;

Generations of physicians believe that all nondrug, nonscalpel therapies are unscientific; and
Ethics in medicineótruth and integrity in the work of practitionersóhas been endemically and perniciously compromised by the "Medical-Industrial Complex (the "Complex"), which, in 2008, controlled the $2.4 trillion disease- maintenance system in the U.S. There is no end in sight for the deepening health care crisis with the prevailing medical modelóAmericans continue to become sicker as enormous sums are stolen from them by the Complex. Read the entire Mission Statement