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Guidelines for Controlling HEART PALPITATIONS
Majid Ali, M.D.

Acute heart palpitations are a serious medical emergency, and it is essential to seek immediate medical attention. They can become chronic and recurrent in spite of drug therapies. This is where natural methods for control are crucial. From extended clinical experience, I know that most people eventually learn how to control their heart palpitations without drugs, and each episode of success paves the way for additional successes until this becomes a routine.

Heart palpitations are caused by sudden surge of adrenaline (and its related cousin in the family of catecholamines). These natural compounds trigger many other bioenergetic events in the body which add to the biochemical stress. Heart palpitations are an enormous waste of not only cardiovascular energy but also adversely affect the energetics of all organ-systems of the body.

Here are my guidelines or learning and controlling heart palpitations:
Feather Breathing is my top priority. I have seen better results with it than with any other element.

2. Take one coenzyme Q10 sublingual lozenge (Coenzyme Q 10-M) under the tongue every fifteen minutes, up to three lozenges in an hour. This is the best nutrient and I advise my patients with the history of heart palpitations to keep an emergency supply with them all the time.

3. Practice ďLanguage of Silence.Ē Consider my book entitled ďHealing Miracles and the Bite of the Grey DogĒ for details.

4. Drink a cup of water.

5. If Q 10 M is not available, put a mere pinch of salt under the tongue (not for persons with history of very high blood pressure).

6. Take passion flower 10 drops every ten minutes (up to 30 drops), if available.

7. Take one tablet of Alka Seltzer (Gold brand) in a glass of water, If available, up to four times a day.

8. Total elimination of sugar, coffee, and caffeinated beverages

9.To prevent further attacks, take protein powder (with lecithin or flaxseed, if possible) as follows:
8-10 ounces in the morning
4-5 ounces in the mid-morning
4-5 ounces in the mid-afternoon

10. Benadryl 25 mg (some allergic persons benefit much from it)

11. Follow-up with the physician.

It is crucial in the early stages not to unduly delay the use of medications prescribed by the attending physician.

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Ethics-in-Medicine, Inc. was organized to advocate and promote access to compassionate, ethical, and effective health care, with an unrelenting focus on health preservation and disease reversalópreferring, when safely possible, nutritional and nondrug approaches. For those purposes, it is necessary to strongly oppose the pernicious influences of the Medical-Industrial Complex over all aspects of the art and science of healing practices.America's extreme health problems cannot be addressed without a radically new way of thinking about health and the absence of health. The three core problems of American medicine are: The 21st-century health problems caused by poisoned foods, polluted environment, and perverted life circumstances are addressed with 19th-century notions of disease and drugs;

Generations of physicians believe that all nondrug, nonscalpel therapies are unscientific; and
Ethics in medicineótruth and integrity in the work of practitionersóhas been endemically and perniciously compromised by the "Medical-Industrial Complex (the "Complex"), which, in 2008, controlled the $2.4 trillion disease- maintenance system in the U.S. There is no end in sight for the deepening health care crisis with the prevailing medical modelóAmericans continue to become sicker as enormous sums are stolen from them by the Complex. Read the entire Mission Statement