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Dr. Ali's Blog

Hypertension is addiction of arteries to tightness. Every cruelty suffered tightens the muscles in blood vessels as well as muscles throughout the body. The tighter the vessels, which carry blood from the heart (arteries), the higher the pressure of blood contained in them. Every encounter with someone's stupidity adds to that tightness—and to the blood pressure. Every insensitivity experienced compounds the problem. Every ignorance suffered perpetuates tightness of the muscles and arteries. This is how arteries become addicted to tightness. With time, that tightness thickens the arterial muscle layer (just like arm muscles enlarge with weight lifting), and thickened muscle makes arterial spasm more intense, further raising the level of blood pressure. With passing years, the arteries become chronically tight and blood pressure is kept high. This is the beginning of the so-called essential hypertension, the type suffered by more than 95% of people diagnosed with high blood pressure. Read blog


Oxygen, Heart and Healing
If you have never taken herbs and spices for a healthy heart, please pick two from my list in this e-essay and take them in weekly rotation.
If it were my choice, I pick Green Tea and ginger tea with a dash of tumeric.
First Things First
- Coronary heart disease is a plaque problem before it becomes a heart attack.
- Coronary heart disease is an inflammatory problem before it becomes a plaque problem.
- Coronary heart disease is an excess acidity and oxyradical problem before it becomes an inflammatory problem.
- Coronary heart disease is an oxygen problem before it becomes an excess acidity and oxyradical problem.

· No, Psoriasis Cannot Be Reversed With Steroids and Chemotherapy
On February 2, 2010, the guest on my radio program entitled “Science, Health, and Healing” at WBAI radio, New York, was a 31-year-old man. As a teenager, he developed disabling arthritis and became wheelchair-bound. Two other aspects of his illness were red, itchy skin rashes and colitis. He was treated with large doses of steroids. After some initial improvement, his skin rash flared and covered most of his skin with areas of angry, scaling, ulcerating, and oozing lesions. He was and put on two chemotherapy drugs: Methotrexate and Embrel (costing over $2,000 dollars per month of treatment). Again after some initial improvement, his condition deteriorated and he required repeated courses of antibiotics for acute-on-chronic sinusitis and antifungal drugs for toe fungus.

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Enzymes are “life-catalysts.” In Oxygen Kingdom, enzymes may be seen as mediators of living reactions. In my Grease-and Detergent Model of Healing, enzymes act as efficient detergents. This is, simply stated, the scientific basis and/or rationale for my liberal use of robust enzyme therapies in the care of people with various chronic disorders and cancer.

· Dr. Ali’s Hydration Self-Test
In this second article on water and hydration, I offer a simple, free, two-week self-test for optimal hydration. I call this Dr. Ali's Hydration Self-Test. This test will inform you about your state of hydration better than the most expensive and cumbersome laboratory test. First, some brief comments about the need for water.

August 28, 2010, The New York Times ran a front page story entitled "Years Later, No Magic Bullet Against Alzheimer's Disease." This was a grave disservice to Times' readers. Consider the following quote from the report:

"But the jury’s verdict was depressing and distressing. So far, nothing has been found to prevent or delay this devastating disease, which ceaselessly kills brain cells, eventually leaving people mute, incontinent, unable to feed themselves, unaware of who they are or who their family and friends are."

So far, nothing has been found to prevent or delay this devastating disease. This is a shameful distortion of the facts. Alzheimer’s disease, first and foremost, is an oxygen problem of the brain cells caused by the trio of toxicities of foods, environment, and thoughts, such as heavy metal overload, toxic protein deposition, gut fermentation, and others that block oxygen's energetic and detergent functions. In my book Oxygen and Aging (2000), I devoted a chapter to Alzheimer’s disease and the use of oxystatic therapies to prevent it and arrest its course in early and intermediate stages.

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This DVD video is an hour long. This is an updated version release June 2010 of Dr. Ali's very popular introduction and demonstration of Limbic Breathing.

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The Lungs Offer An Escape From the Tyranny of An Irritated Heart

Can a restless heart save 40,320 beats per day? Hard to believe the answer is yes. Consider the following example: A 40-year-old man presented with a two-year history of overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism), heart palpitations, "shakes," pain and stiffness involving several joints, and chronic fatigue. His heart rate was 102/minute despite treatment with an anti-thyroid drug (methamazole). An ABT test (see the article on the test at this web site for details) was performed on his first visit.

Seven minutes of Feather Breathing (the simplest form of Limbic Breathing) performed as a part of the ABT test brought his heart rate from 102/minute down to 74/minute. At the lower rate, his heart would save 40,320 beats per day. He understood clearly the benefit of Feather Breathing.

Wouldn't his heart rate return to the high rate of over 100 per minute when he stops Feather Breathing? A cardiologist friend asked. You can't expect anyone to do Feather Breathing at all times? he continued. These questions have merit. One does not expect a heart to slow down so dramatically on a permanent basis merely with ten minutes of Feather Breathing. However, it can avert a crisis in the short-term and, slowly and steadily, address the problems of an overdriven heart. I also point out that in integrative medicine we strive to detect and address all relevant issues. I consider stress control with Feather Breathing an essential part of the total program.

Feather Breathing
Feather Breathing is the simplest method of Limbic Breathing in which one:

- Sets no goals;
- Completely ignores how one breathes in;
- Breathes out slowly and comfortably; and
- Never analyzes whether the breathing is done correctly.

The lungs offer an escape from the tyranny of an irritated heart. This is the main lesson this patient taught me. Of course, all irritants that overdrive the heart must be identified and addressed for good long-term clinical results.

For readers interested in detailed information about Feather Breathing and other forms of Limbic Breathing, as well as various clinical applications of these healing methods, I suggest my one-hour video seminar entitled "Limbic Breathing."
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As is the day, so goes the night. That, in simple words, is the full story of sleep disorders. The days of individuals with stress, anger, and chronic disease are often difficult; not surprisingly, so are their nights. Many people have poor sleep habits before the diagnosis of chronic illness is made.

The shock of the initial diagnosis nearly always brings along sleepless nights. The search for the right treatment option usually worsens the problem.



Asthma is caused by mold allergy, adverse food reactions, and environmental pollutants. Stress increases the scale of suffering of the patient. The shame of this article is that no attempt was made to address these crucial issues. Specifically, the expensive drug of unknown long-term toxicity was not compared with safe and inexpensive non-drug measures that address environmental, nutritional, and stress-related factors.

How Do Diabetes Drugs Cause Heart Attacks, Stroke, Cancer,
Kidney Failure, and Blindness?

The simple answer: All persons with Type 2 diabetes suffer from excess insulin and insulin toxicity, and all diabetes drugs increase the degrees of insulin toxicity. Excess insulin is acidifying, "free-radicalizing," inflaming, and increases the buildup of grease in fat cells. By these molecular mechanisms, all diabetes drugs increase the risk of heart attacks, stroke, cancer, kidney failure, and blindness. Most people will be surprised—many deeply distressed—by my statement. I cite specific data to support my position.

Oxygen, Sugar, AMA, and Wall Street - A Tale of Four Sugar Stories

Program Director: Majid Ali, M.D.
July 10, 2010

When was the last time you went to a shoe store to buy flowers? Why would I go to a shoe store to buy flowers, you ask. That is the point. Please remember my question the next time you ask a question about nutrition from a doctor who does not use nutrient therapies to reverse chronic diseases.


Majid Ali, M.D.
A Self-learning Program for Health and Healing
Program Director: Majid Ali, M.D.
July 4, 2010

Tutorial 7.1            

In this tutorial, by bowel, I mean  the entire alimentary tract. Evolution developed the system as an integrated whole. While the structural divisions of the mouth, esophagus, stomach, ileum, and colon are valid, the functional separateness are illusory.  This becomes clear from this and other tutorials in this course.
Oxygen governs the human body with an enormous network of signals. Oxygen heals by orchestrating a vast and intricate system of intelligence that detects and responds to injury. It ushers life in and then terminates. It does so by initiating, enhancing, perpetuating, and terminating signals that regulate all aspects of human energetics, development, and demise.
The Oxygen Way to Optimal Weight
Majid Ali, M.D.
Tutorial 6.2

In the tutorial entitled The Grease and Detergent Model of Obesity, I defined obesity as a problem caused by dead fat cells. None of the weight loss plans, to my knowledge, address this basic cause of obesity. This, in my view, is the explanation of the failure of weight loss programs. Some very wealthy and well known people have fought obesity for decades and failed. They had cycles of weight loss and weight gain—their general health nearly always deteriorated in the weight loss phase. The weight gain phase took them to weights that exceeded their pre-dieting weight. They employed personal chefs and trainers but to no avail.

Majid Ali, M.D.
Tutorial 6.1

You can also listen to
Dead Fat Cells and Obesity radio show archive

A healthy fat cell has natural, unrancid, "living fat." A dead fat cell has rancid and "dead fat." An injured fat cell has a mixture of living and dead fat. Cellulite is masses of dead fat cells. In fatty change of the liver" a condition caused by toxins" a large number of liver cells become loaded with dead fat, cannot breathe, and eventually die.

Living fats" there are hundreds in the human body" freely move in and out of cells. Dead fats cannot. The explanation of this is simple. Nature designed the cell membranes as fluid mediums to allow living fats ready passage in and out of cells. These membranes owe their fluidity largely to fats embedded in their structure. So, healthy fats in cell membranes facilitate the movement of fats from foods and other body fluids through them. By contrast, the membrane fats of dead cells are dead" turned, twisted, and impacted into "grease," so to speak" and block the movement of fats across them. The buildup of grease in and around the fat cells is largely caused by elements related to the bowel and the liver (discussed at length on this site in my article entitled The Grease and Detergent Model of Disease.

June 9, 2010
The Uncertainty Principle in Integrative Medicine
Tutorial 1.5

Majid Ali, M.D.

I offer a thought experiment. You are holding a basketball in your hands and facing two hoops six feet apart. You shoot the ball through the hoop to your right. The ball is returned to you. Next you shoot the ball into the second hoop. Is it possible to shoot the basketball through both hoops at the same time, while they remain six feet apart?

In Newtonian physics, elements have defined characteristics and established interactions. This is not the case with quantum systems which have domains of uncertainty. In fields of healing—it seems to me—we need to consider aspects of both the Newtonian and quantum worlds, since healing involves both observable and unobservable (in the ordinary sense) phenomena. Doubt and uncertainty are integrative to healing from physical disorders (i.e. diseases).
May 24, 2010
Majid Ali, M.D. Tutorial 2.2

Life is an injury-healing-injury cycle. Oxygen governs all aspects of this cycle with an enormous network of signals. It orchestrates this cycle with a vast and intricate system of oxygen signaling - a network of communication that detects injury and organizes healing responses. Oxygen ushers life in and then terminates it. These roles involve the initiation, enhancement, and termination of processes that regulate all aspects of energy production, cellular development, and demise.
May 9, 2010
The Oxygen Model of Disease
Majid Ali, M.D.

The strength of Darwin’s core tenet of natural selection is that in biology so little explains so much. The core strength of The Oxygen Model of Disease, in my view, is that in medicine so little explains so much.
April 26, 2010
Oxygen's Three-legged Throne
Taken from Majid Ali’s forthcoming book entitled “The Oxygen Way: Being One's Own Primary Physician.”
Oxygen occupies the three-legged throne (The "Throne") of human biology. Insulin serves as its minister of metabolism. The three legs of oxygen’s throne represent the three primary balancing systems of body:
- Acid-alkali balance; 
- Oxidant-antioxidant regulation; and 
- Clotting-unclotting equilibrium.
Acids are packets of energy—built to store energy and broken down to release energy—used by oxygen to maintain the energy economy of the body. In this model, alkalis can be visualized as mineral compounds that serve many functions in the body as well as provide a counterbalance to acid to maintain an acid-alkali balance. The body acids include breakdown products of fats (fatty acids), proteins (amino acids), starches, and sugars. In chemistry books, acids are defined as sour compounds that form salts with alkalis. However, this aspect of acids is not central to the present context.  
A prism splits white light into a luminous rainbow—then emboldens the colors. For me, the “oxygen prism” splits the energetic domains of the body—then sparkles them. This is the core of oxygen thinking. It de-fogs issues. Doctors look at uric acid as a molecular villain. In this essay, I look at it through the oxygen prism to seek clarity, not only for understanding uric acid but also for rational, safe, and effective measures for the prevention and treatment of gout. Recently, a colleague, Dr. Sabitha Dasoju, M.B.,B.S, told me that her mother in India saw an orthopedic surgeon for chronic arthritis pain in her knees and hips. The doctor noted an elevated blood uric acid value and promptly prescribed five drugs, including a high-dose steroid level. When my colleague protested that her mother did not have gout but osteoarthritis, the orthopod shrugged her off by saying, “This is our standard treatment for treating high uric acid levels.”
April 12, 2010

Can a Restless Heart Save 40,320 Beats Per Day?         

It must be hard to believe for people who have never closely observed the effects of how they breathe on how they feel. The answer: Absolutely yes.  Here is the proof:               

A 40-year-old man presented with a two-year history of  hyperthyroidism, arthralgia, chronic fatigue,  palpitations, “shakes,” and cold sensitivity. His heart rate was 102/minute despite his treatment with Methamazole. An AUTONOMIC BREATHING TEST was performed on his first visit.    

Ten minutes of Feather Breathing, including a training period, brought his heart rate from 102/min. down to 74/min. At the lower rate, his heart would save 40,320 beats per day. He understood clearly the benefit of Feather Breathing.       

Readers are likely to ask: How long do such benefits last? That is a valid question. The answer: Initially, the benefits of Feather Breathing only last for a short time. However, with frequent Feather Breathing while at work and home bring about an enduring change.       

Here are the words of someone else who suffered from heart palpitations:
“The best way to control heart palpitations.”       

Now consider another quote: “I developed a sudden severe leg cramp. I didn’t know what to do. I breathed slowly and within moments it was gone."  

Scientific Basis of Benefits of Feather Breathing       
In simplest words, slow breathing allows more time for oxygen to pass from air sacs in the lung to capillaries in the lungs. This is the miracle of slow breathing. All it takes to break heart palpitations and painful muscle spasm in legs is just a little more oxygen. Most cardiovascular emergencies are created by buildup of lactic acid and other acids. The simplest method for reducing blood lactic acid levels is with limbic breathing. This is, in my judgement, the most precious first-aid kit that everyone can carry with him at all times. One cannot misplace it. It is always there when you need it. 

Feather Breathing  
Feather Breathing is the simplest form of Limbic Breathing which gives the best results for beginners. For practical guidance, I urge the readers to view my video seminar entitled "Limbic Breathing." I include a long chapter on Limbic Breathing in my book The Cortical Monkey and Healing.
Majid Ali, M.D. April 5, 2010
Oxygen and Dumbed-down Science Series Essay 28


In a dream, I opened my eyes and saw a monster leaning over me. He wore a heavy metal cape and helmet, and carried a large spear. His eyes were red, his mouth frothing. 

“Wake up, you little beast,” he barked. “Give me a plan to hurt more people in more ways for longer periods of time than has ever been done before.”

 “A plan to hurt people?” I stammered, shaking with fear. “Sir, I’m not a planner. I’m just a doctor.”

“Don’t waste my time,” he shouted, pushing my chest with his spear. “Give me  a  plan.”
 “Sir... Sir..”I choked on my words. “Doctors are not taught to hurt people, and I’m just a ....”

“Don’t waste my time, you  creep,” he cut me off. “I want a plan.”
 “Sir, you could try an earthquake or perhaps some tsunami'" I struggled to control  tremors.

Majid Ali, M.D. March 16, 2010
Oxygen and Dumbed-down Science Series Essay 25
Autism: It Is Toxicity, Friend!

Part I:  Biology Does Not Acknowledge Ideology

Majid Ali, M.D. March 16,  2010


The autism world is febrile in search of “the missing link”—mercury in vaccines, some fungal toxins, a virus, an environmental chemical, an immune reaction, some mutated gene—as is expected of people who do not understand the simple notion of cumulative load. I predict none will be found.


Is the incidence of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) rising? Yes. Why is that so? Because the developing brains of unborn babies are being assaulted by an increasing number of noxious agents. Will it continue to rise? I predict it will.

Dr. Ali’s Fivesome for CFS
Majid Ali, M.D. March 15, 2010

Do you recall a day when you ran after a toddler on a beach or at a pool and then breathed heavily for several moments? Why did you breathe that way? To get more oxygen, you say correctly. Did you ever workout in a gym more than you should have and then felt tired for a day? How did that happen? Lactic acid buildup in muscles, you say. Why did that happen? Because there was not enough oxygen to burn those acids, you reply. Basic exercise physiology stuff.

Next consider the case of a young woman who develops persistent fatigue that interferes with her job. She consults her doctor who diagnoses chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). He talks about many things, orders several lab tests, but does not mention the word oxygen. Why not? The answer: science is dumbed-down. The doctor follows The New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal has never considered the deficiency of oxygen in the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome.
Majid Ali, M.D.
I introduce the term "Castor-Pres" for a simple, inexpensive, and effective natural approach to control of all forms of chronic pain. It combines topical castor oil and sesame rubs with gentle repetitive pressure on trigger points, either with tapping or simple rotary motions of fingers. In general, I recommend that castor and sesame oils be separately on 3:1 day rotation.

Needless to point out, all natural remedies for pain control require that the presence of tumors, active infections, and other specific lesions should be first ruled out by the individual's doctors. Castor-Pres article


Majid Ali, M.D. February 21, 2010
Oxygen and Dumbed-down Science Series
Oxygen, Sinusitis, and being one's own personal physician

For sinus congestion and headache, please think mold allergy. For sinusitis, please think of mold allergy and mold infection. For chronic and recurrent sinusitis, please think of mold allergy, mold infections, and mold toxins. If your symptoms recurred after sinus surgery, please think of mold allergy, mold infections, and mold toxins. For the "mold problems," please think bowel, bowel, and bowel.

Chronic sinusitis is a problem of four stages:
-The first stage of mold allergy,
-The second stage of mold infection,
-The third stage of viral infection and blockage of sinus opening, and
-The fourth stage of bacterial infections.
Oxygen, Sinusitis, and being one's own personal physician

Majid Ali, M.D. February 15, 2010

Oxygen and Dumbed-down Science Series

Oxygen and Disowning Disease
People own their disease names with ferocity. It seems to be a complex issue worthy of someone with profound insights into the deep recesses of the human mind—let’s say, some Freud’s gifted disciple—who is an expert of separation anxiety. Or, could there be a simple answer. During my boyhood, I often picked up fallen tree branches and swung them around aimlessly. The sticks had to be thrown away before entering my house. l recall my unease at throwing them away. I suppose they became my companions during walks. We get used to our companions—get invested in them, so to speak—even when they are mere sticks.

The diagnosis—a disease name chosen for a person by a doctor—arrives after varying periods of suffering discomfort and pain. It should not be hard to see how quickly and deeply invested one might become in the diagnosis. Discarding that diagnosis—“disowning disease,” so to speak—is expected to be difficult. Some wise folks might call its separation anxiety. Read Oxygen and Disowning Disease

Majid Ali, M.D. February 15, 2010
Oxygen and Dumbed-down Science Series
People of all ages develop episodes of dizziness and light-headedness. A common cause of these symptoms in adults is over-medication, especially with drugs for high blood pressure. Why don't doctors teach patients simple non-drug measures to normalize blood pressure and prevent such episodes, for example with Feather Breathing, "Dr. Ali's Heel Massage," Dr. Ali's Breakfast (protein shakes that stabilize blood sugar levels), meditation, and prayer? The answer: science is dumbed down and doctors cannot distinguish between New Age fog and serious scientific argument. Read Oxygen Dizziness and Dr. Ali's Foot Massage

Majid Ali, M.D. February 2, 2010
Oxygen and Dumbed-down Science Series

In late 1950s, I was taught one view of Crohn’s colitis in medical school. That view changed little during my surgical training in England in the 1960s. As a hospital pathologist, I examined hundreds of colon biopsies of patients with Crohn’s colitis. That work forced me to think differently about the disease. My true teachers for this disease have been my patients. They healed their bowels and, in so doing, gave me the following most valuable lessons: Read Oxygen, Chron's Colitis

Majid Ali, M.D. February 2, 2010
Oxygen and Dumbed-down Science Series

People with diabetes often suffer from numbness and pain in their feet. Diabetes specialists cannot explain how that happens. The reason is an accumulation of toxins—sticky sugars, rancid fats, mangled proteins, and others—on nerve cells and fibers. Such toxins accumulate because not enough oxygen and “oxy-detergents” are available to remove them. The answer: science is dumbed down and doctors cannot distinguish between New Age fog and serious scientific argument. Read Oxygen, Neuropathy and Healing
Majid Ali, M.D. February 1, 2010
Oxygen, Muscle Pain, Vitamin D, Magnesium, and Q10
Muscles hurt when they cry for oxygen during day as well as night. Your doctor may have awarded you the diagnostic label of polymyositis or fibromyalgia for daytime muscle pain or hardened arteries for nighttime cramps. Such labels create dark boxes of ignorance, the more devoted one becomes the diagnoses, the deeper one gets mired in their quicksand.

The muscle cells cry for oxygen because they cannot breathe - literally and figuratively. They cannot breathe because they are covered with cellular grease (see my article entitled "The Grease and Detergent Model of Disease" on this website for a detailed discussion). The components of Dr. Ali's Muscle Pain Protocol (Table 1) help de-grease muscle cells, restore oxygen delivery, and relieve pain.
Read Oxygen, Muscle Pain, Vitamin D, Magnesium, and Q10
Majid Ali, M.D. January 27, 2010
It is suggested that people with diabetes follow this diet plan for six weeks under the supervision of their doctors when: (1) the kidneys are healthy [blood creatinine test value is less than 1.3]; (2) there are no acute complications of diabetes; and (3) four-hour insulin and glucose profiles show elevated levels of insulin and glucose.

In my patients I regularly observe dramatic improvements in blood insulin levels in samples drawn two hours after a meal when the six-week trial ends. I suggest that readers who undertake this six-week diet plan do the same. I present several insulin profiles on this website. Read article


Majid Ali, M.D. Jan 25, 2010

Creating Conditions for Adrenal Regeneration

This e-column has three core messages:(1) all chronically ill people have adrenal dysfunction; (2) the adrenals regenerate in most cases when all relevant oxygen-related elements are addressed; and (3) short-term adrenal support (supplementation) is often necessary for months, sometimes for longer periods, during adrenal recovery.

Ten Important Considerations
There are ten important considerations concerning adrenal dysfunction within the broad context of oxygen homeostasis, adrenal dysfunction, and healing:
Read Oxygen, adrenal dysfunction and healing
Majid Ali, M.D. January 19, 2010

What Is It? What Can Be Done About It?
(Adapted from Integrative Nutritional Medicine, the fifth volume of The Principles and Practice of Integrative Medicine Volume)

A healthy bowel eliminates waste effortlessly and odorlessly once or twice daily. The frequency with which people roll their eyes when I use these words in my lectures indicates how far removed from their nature many people are.

The bowel is forgiving, not forgetful. It is tolerant but to a point. Its vocabulary is rather limited; when insulted, it bloats, cramps, screams, or becomes lifeless. When the offense continues, it ulcerates and bleeds. The bowel does not write poetry, even though people appreciate art and beauty at the gut level.
Majid Ali, M.D. January 18, 2010
Majid Ali with Linus Pauling in 1992

At the spring meeting 1992 meeting of the American College of Advancement in Medicine in Dallas, as the program director I had the privilege of hosting Linus Pauling, a two-time winner of the Nobel Prize. I asked him how much vitamin C he took daily.

"Eighteen grams," Dr. Pauling replied.
"Doesn't it cause loose bowel movements?" I asked.
"What do you have against loose bowel movements?" he asked.
"Nothing. Nothing, really," I stammered.
"Open bowels are good for health," he chuckled.

Baboons With Open Bowels

There is a pedigreed colony of baboons with hereditary chronic diarrhea. I do not know if they consider their loose bowel movements a problem. A baboon of that clan might respond to an inquiry about his bowel  as Dr. Pauling did: What do you have against loose bowel movements?"
A drug company plans to use the baboons as a primate non-human model of gluten sensitivity and celiac disease. It will drug the baboons to find out the effects of its drugs. Will the baboons consent to this drug experiment? How will their natural bowel rhythms be affected by the drug? Since the bowel ecosystem serves as the roots of the immune defenses of the body, how many baboons will sicken? And in how many ways"? And for how long?Death begins in the colon, the ancients taught. How many baboons will die because their bowel rhythm—including their gut transit time—will be violated?  Read blog
Majid Ali, M.D. January 11, 2010
Gluten-free Diet for Gluten Sensitivity

Glutens are two grain proteins - glutenin and gliadin enmeshed in starches - that cause a wide spectrum of clinical disorders in some individuals. One simple form is wheat intolerance. At the other end of the spectrum is the severe form of gluten-sensitive enteropathy (GSE) called celiac disease. In Part Three of this series, I include a very long list of celiac disease-associated conditions to define the scope of clinical  problems associated with gluten proteins. I begin this three part series about gluten sensitivity by first summarizing my experience with gluten-related clinical problems: Read Oxygen, Gluten Sensitivity Part 1 
Majid Ali, M.D. January 12, 2010
Dr. Ali’s Leaky Bowel (DALB) Protocol
Heath and lifespan are profoundly influenced by man-microbe harmony in the bowel. Overgrowth of fermenting bowel microbes (the “fermenters”)—in my view—is the single most important cause of chronic absence of health. For decades, I wondered whether the bioenergetics and chemistry of chronic anger was a more important cause of disease than the overgrowth of bowel fermenters. Now I am convinced that inflammation and toxicity of fermenters is more important. The problems of gluten-sensitivity and celiac disease can be neither understood  nor healed without understanding the leaky gut state caused by overgrown bowel fermenters. Later, I return to this crucial issue to shed light on the man-microbe disharmony  that is wreaking havoc on the bowel ecosystem. 
Majid Ali, M.D. January 5, 2010
If there is a miracle remedy for inflammatory problems of children, it is castor oil rubs. I have not seen any therapy that helps more infants, toddlers, and children as often as oil rubs (castor oil and sesame oil applied to the skin separately in a 3:1 rotation). My colleagues at the Institute and I have observed most remarkable results with oil rubs for the following conditions Read more

Part Three of Five-part Series Majid Ali, M.D. January 4, 2010
the Cause, Diagnosis, and Treatment

It is a mistake to look at Hashimoto’s disease as a thyroid problem. It is a bigger mistake to try to restore health by treating Hashomoto’s thyroiditis as a disease. In nearly all cases, it is a bi-phasic disorder - the initial immune-inflammatory phase is accompanied with overactivity while the delayed phase is marked with underactivity associated with incremental tissues injury and near-total thyroid destruction.

The challenge is how to restore thyroid health in both overactive and underactive phases of the disease without ending up with a permanent thyroid burn-out. Integrative treatment plans based on the oxygen (dysox) model of Hashimoto's disease generally allow us to achieve this goal. I focus on nutrient, detox, and stress-reducing therapies—with herbal formulations in the initial overactive phase and natural thyroid supplements in the later underactive phase—while vigorously addressing all coexisting allergic and immune disorders.

Read Hashimoto's disease

Majid Ali, M.D. December 28, 2009 Part Two of Five-part Series
Many patients consult me for a diagnostic quandary concerning the thyroid gland. They are not well, often tired, may have gained weight or developed other symptoms commonly associated with thyroid disorders (listed at the end). They suspect that a problem with the thyroid gland may be at the root of their health issues. However, their thyroid laboratory test results are considered normal by their doctors. In Part I of this series, I listed eleven sources of confusion and/errors that lead to poor results. In this segment, I focus on what I consider to be the single most valuable blood test that clarifies our thinking and helps us avoid mistakes: the TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) test. TSH trending for optimal treatment of thyroid disorders
Majid Ali, M.D. December 29, 2009
Eleven Sources of Confusion and Mismanagement

Part one of a Five-part series
There is a spreading pandemic of thyroid disorders. It has three primary causes:
Toxic environments,
Toxic foods, and
Toxic thoughts.

The trio of toxicities of environments, foods, and thoughts inflicts cellular injury by causing:
Excess acidity,
Incremental free radical stress, and
Thickening of the bodily fluids which impairs circulation of the fluids.

Think Mold, Mold, Mold
As for environmental causes of thyroid disorders, we should think about mold allergy and mold toxins. Viruses, bacteria, and parasites play only secondary roles. Next to mold-related elements, the important thyrotoxic substances are synthetic chemicals with strong structural similarities.
Read more about thyroid confusion
Majid Ali, M.D. December 29, 2009
Disease Is a State of Separation From One's Nature

The United States needs "thought reforms" far more than health insurance reforms. The problems created in kitchens, dining rooms, streets, schools, emergency rooms, and doctors' offices cannot be effectively addressed by Congress, nor by the Administration, except with a massive plan of authentic education concerning the matters of toxic foods, toxic environments, and toxic thoughts. The curriculum for such education must be developed by professionals who practice nutritional medicine, environmental medicine, and energy medicine for stress control --- and not by doctors who practice drug medicine. This is a different view of the heath care reforms that requires a fresh, rational, and scientific approach. It is self-evident that the problems created by misspending money cannot be resolved by misspending more money.  Read the blog

Majid Ali, M.D. December 22, 2009

The stomach sickens when it slumps. Unable to be moved on by rhythmic wave action of the stomach wall, highly acidic food backs into the esophagus and causes injury and inflammation there. The stomach goes limp–loses its tone and motility–for two reasons: deep disappointments of life and toxins from the bowel.

That is the full story of the disorders called: (1)  acid reflux disease; (2) GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease; (3) Barrett's esophagus; (4) esophageal ulcer disease; and (5) erosive esophagitis.
My view is at variance with that of doctors that use drugs to treat reflux-related lesions.

Read Healing, Heartburn, Gerd

Majid Ali, M.D. December 22, 2009

Reversal With Insulin-Reducing Diet and Detox Program

Fatty liver is an unrecognized epidemic affecting all age groups. It is caused by the trio of toxicities of foods, environment, and thoughts. In most cases, this trio inflicts liver cell damage by triggering excess insulin production and creating a state of insulin toxicity. Both insulin toxicity and fatty change in the liver cause pathologic inflammation, which worsens the degrees of insulin-caused cell injury and fatty change. Oxygen links the trio of insulin toxicity, fatty liver, and inflammation.
Reversal With Insulin-Reducing Diet and Detox Program
Majid Ali, M.D. December 22, 2009
Guidelines for Controlling HEART PALPITATIONS

Acute heart palpitations are a serious medical emergency, and it is essential to seek immediate medical attention. They can become chronic and recurrent in spite of drug therapies. This is where natural methods for control are crucial. From extended clinical experience, I know that most people eventually learn how to control their heart palpitations without drugs, and each episode of success paves the way for additional successes until this becomes a routine. Read Guidelines for Controlling HEART PALPITATIONS

Dr. Ali's Stress Lecture/Workshop on DVD only $15 - Please support this website

Majid Ali, M.D. December 15, 2009

The Difference Between a Heart Attack and No Heart Attack,
Between Stroke and No Stroke
What might be the difference between a heart attack and no heart attack sometimes for a woman? What might be the difference between a stroke and no stroke for a man? What is crisis chemistry? Before answering these questions, I will present an illustrative case study.

Earlier today, I had a follow-up visit with Mr. David D. a 53-year-old man who consulted me for hypertension, recurrent infections, digestive problems, intestinal parasites, sinusitis, and a blood creatinine value of 1.4 mg/dL (indicating an early stage of kidney failure). His blood pressure (BP) values during his previous visit were:
Read The Crisis Chemistry

Majid Ali, M.D. December 15, 2009
Is It Dangerous to Rely on Fasting Blood Sugar Values? Part II

It is a disservice for a doctor to state that a normal fasting blood sugar level means an absence of a significant insulin/glucose disorder. I do not trust fasting blood sugar values. In far too many cases, I see the presence of insulin toxicity, prediabetes, and even diabetes associated with a fasting blood sugar level which is within the normal laboratory range. In Part I of this essay,  I presented case studies to illustrate healthy insulin‑preserving profiles as well as cases of excess insulin accompanied with normal fasting blood glucose levels. I devote Part III of this essay to the crucial subject of insulin toxicity. Below are four questions I raised in Part I that provide a framework of reference for learning important lessons from case studies outlined in these essays. Read Fasting Blood Sugar Often Masks Diabetes

December 7, 2009

Majid Ali, M.D.
(Taken from forthcoming book entitled Darwin's Drones, Oxygen, and Diabetes)
Part I

What does a fasting blood sugar level signify? What does the fasting status reveal? What might it mask? In many cases, I assert that the fasting status reveals nothing and hides much. Indeed, in such cases it is dangerously misleading. If so, why do doctors insist on it?

In health, blood sugar levels are essentially regulated by insulin. Even in obesity, prediabetes, and disease states, other glucose-regulating hormones play only secondary roles. In assessing metabolic status, it should be self-evident that insulin is the primary molecule of concern, not glucose. Then, why do doctors focus on glucose, not insulin?
Read fasting blood sugar

November 30, 2009
To see a parent suffer mental confusion and memory lapses is heart wrenching. To watch the memory drug like Aricept fail completely adds to the burden. Next to the neglected crucial nutritional issues of childhood, not supporting our elders with nutrient protocols and detox measures is the most shameful aspect of the medicine championed by The New England Journal of Medicine. Read blog

Nov 23, 2009

What Is it? How Can It Be Prevented?

In Oxygen and Aging (2000), I introduced the term Air Travel Dysox to describe many cases of drastic adverse effects of long flights, including dramatic rises in hepatitis C viral load, elevations of PSA in men with prostate cancer, and worsening of symptoms of multiple sclerosis. In extreme cases, I have seen phlebitis and even an encephalitis-like state that required hospitalization (encephalitis is brain inflammation). Less serious forms of air travel dysox are more common, especially in persons with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, immune disorders, and pulmonary diseases. Read blog

Nov 16, 2009
Fabrications and Deceptions About Mammograms
More than 80 percent of my patients with breast cancer detected their own tumor lumps, often within months of negative mammograms and examinations by their doctors. What does that say about the work of the American Cancer Society (and of doctors under its influence)? And this regarding a cancer that continues to be the most common form among women in the United States. In 2008, more than 250,000 new cases were diagnosed; about 184,000 of the tumors were invasive while about 68,000 cases were noninvasive. Read blog

Nov 16, 2009
Battered Bowel Ecology
Majid Ali, M.D.
The bowel ecosystem is always injured in chronic states, and its restoration is the second core thrust of my management philosophy for chronic fatiguers—the first core thrust being a global strategy for reducing oxidative stress. 

In drug medicine, when the symptoms are directly related to the gut, the treatment strategy consists of symptom suppression with drugs. When the symptoms are not directly related to the gut, any suggestion of a possible role of a damaged bowel ecosystem in the cause of symptoms is unceremoniously dismissed.
Read Battered Bowel Ecology

Nov 9, 2009
Liver Detoxification
It is one of the profound ironies of prevailing drug medicine that there is no concept of liver detox among liver specialists. Treatment of most liver diseases in the hands of gastroenterologists and hepatologists is confined to the use of immune-suppressive therapies, such as steroids, chemotherapy drugs, large doses of agents such as interferon, or liver transplants. Otherwise, medical texts recommend "supportive treatment," which is a euphemism for symptom suppression with drugs. In most patients with nutritional, ecologic, immune, and heavy metal toxicity disorders, liver blood tests are often considered "within normal limits," and no attempt is made to prescribe nutritional, herbal, and natural detox therapies.

November 2, 2009
The Cushinoid-Addisonian Epidemic

The core message of this brief essay on adrenal health and adrenal deficit is: All chronically dysoxic individuals suffer clinically significant adrenal dysfunction. Dysox is the state of disrupted oxygen signaling and oxygen-driven cellular energetics. This view of adrenal deficiency is significantly different from the prevailing thinking in endocrinology. Endocrinologists, with rare exception, continue to be preoccupied with named adrenal syndrome-Cushing's syndrome, Addison's disease, Conn's syndrome, and Sheehan's syndrome-as well as pituitary tumors and hypothalamic disorders. Such lesions account for an exceedingly small number of chronically ill individuals with objectively and quantifiably detected adrenal dysfunction. This, indeed, is one of the core messages of this column. My assertions in this column are based on extended clinical work with over 7,500 patients with chronic illness and on close analysis of over 900 profiles of the 24-hour urinary excretion of steroid compounds.

October 30, 2009
Majid Ali, M.D.
In this eighth article on the 2009 swine flu pandemic, I address the issue of the efficacy of the vaccine. Following are some important aspects: Read blog

Swine Flu Vaccine
Prevention of Adverse Effects
All vaccines carry some risk, most of which can be prevented. My clinical experience is that adverse effects to flu vaccines are mostly experienced by individuals with disrupted oxygen homeostasis (the dysox state)—immunocompromised, in the prevailing language—especially those with mold allergy, mold toxicity, chronic viral infections, and disrupted bowel and liver ecosystems. In this article, I describe measures which I find to be valuable for reducing the potential adverse effects of vaccines. I commonly prescribe these measures for seven days, beginning with two days before the day of vaccination. Read blog

Should Swine Flu Vaccine Be Taken?
Should swine flu vaccine be taken when it becomes available? Yes. Read more


October 20, 2009
Green tea is an excellent anti-inflammatory and blood thinner with well established cancer-fighting properties. Next to water, tea (black and green) is the most popularly consumed beverage in the world.

Green tea has drawn special notice in the concept of prevention of cancer using foods, natural beverages, and spices. The epidemiological studies have long suggested that the consumption of tea is associated with a lowered risk of cancer. Most of the clinical benefits of green tea are attributed to its polyphenolic antioxidants. The evidence for this is drawn from experiments conducted with many animal-tumor bioassay systems. Read more

October 12, 2009
Truth and Integrity in the 2009 Swine Flu  Debate
I begin this seventh  article on the 2009 swine flu virus epidemics with text from the fourth article: "The swine flu "controversy" has smoldered in the holistic community for weeks. Now it is bursting into flames with heated condemnation of the government's effort to provide protection with a vaccine. What is sourly needed is a dispassionate analysis of the available information and a thoughtful approach to this potentially massive problem. Those who offer medical information on the subject must recognize the consequences of their words." Read blog

The swine flu "controversy" has smoldered in the holistic community for weeks. Now it is bursting into flames with heated condemnation of the government's effort to provide protection with a vaccine. What is sourly needed is a dispassionate analysis of the available information and a thoughtful approach to this potentially massive problem. Those who offer medical information on the subject must recognize the consequences of their words. In this brief essay, I offer thoughts on the subject looking through the prism of ethics. I propose that all writers on the subject offer their readers information concerning three elements: (1) what is the basis of the positions they take (pro- or anti-vaccination); (2) how responsible are they willing to be for the consequences of their words; and (3) how much of their professional income is derived from actually caring for people with nondrug therapies and how much comes from selling "stuff." Read Blog


Price of the Failure to Think Ecologically

In 1959, my professors taught me two things about canker sores: (1) the cause of these painful sores in the mouth is unknown; and (2) there is no effective way of preventing or treating canker sores.

In 2009, my pathology and internal medicine textbooks of pathology and internal medicine also teach me two things about canker sores: (1) the cause of these painful sores in the mouth is unknown; and (2) there is no effective way of preventing or treating canker sores.

In 2009, my pathology textbooks include several paragraphs on the possible causes of canker sores before concluding that the cause is unknown. In 2009, my internal medicine textbooks also include several paragraphs on the possible treatments of canker sores before concluding that  there is no effective treatment. Read more

The Human System Is Rooted In the Soil of the Contents of the Bowel

I have seen a large number of patients who developed various gastrointestinal symptoms after colonoscopy, such as cramps, abdominal bloating, alternating constipation and loose bowel movements. I now advise all my patients to take yogurt or kefir - goat milk products for individuals with dairy intolerance - as often as convenient for a period of 24 hours after the procedure. This simple measure markedly reduces the incidence and frequency of gut symptoms induced by colonoscopy. Such benefits appear to be related to the restoration of bowel flora following the disruption caused by bowel cleaning procedures required for proper visualization. Probiotics, of course, are important for far more important reasons. Read more

In the context of pandemics of obesity and diabetes, here are some questions:
Read more

Please Read This Before You Take Fosamax, Boniva, and Related Drugs

Here are some questions that are to be considered before anyone takes Fosamax and related drugs used for osteoporosis. Read more

Cancer, Nanos, and Oxy-vegies
“Things as simple as pH and dissolved oxygen are known to be very good indicators of responses to therapy,” he said. “If the therapy is having an impact on the survival of that tumor, you’ll see it in the local metabolites.”
MIT  Professor Michael J. Cima

Cima  spoke the above words explaining  his invention in which a nanotechnology device  is inserted at the site of a cancer to report on the growth of a tumor, as well as the effects of chemotherapy. Read blog

HRT—Please Say No to Synthetics
Women often need hormonal support  (HRT: hormone replacemnt therapy). However, they do not need synthetic hormones for this purpose. In my view, the use of synthetic hormones (Premarin, Provera, and others) is fraught with many dangers, including increased risk of heart attack, stroke, phlebitis, and breast cancer. Read post

My grandfather forgot to die on time. We do not know how long he lived —101 years, 102 years, or more. My grandmother was also a centenarian. With that genetic pool, I sometimes wonder about my own life span.
Read the post

The liver weighs two-and-one-half to three pounds, yet it is the primary detox and metabolic organ of the body. It not only nourishes 50-100 trillion cells in the body, it is also responsible for keeping them clean and healthy. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the liver is the most frequently stressed organ of the body. One of the many wonders of nature is enormous functional reserve of the liver. When 90% of the liver mass is removed in dog experiments, the dogs stay healthy. In my biopsy work, I was more impressed by the regenerating capacity of liver cells than that in any other organ.

Dr. Ali's DARWIN Blog
Darwin, Dysox and Disease The Darwin Principle

In 2003, I recognized the need for a new principle of integration for clinical medicine. This principle accepts all established scientific facts of human biology and holds that none of them be used alone in making clinical care decisions. I designated that principle as the Darwin Principle and proposed that it be held higher than all others in clinical medicine. Go to the blog

Darwin, Dysox, and Our Fermenting Planet
Introduction to Darwin and Dysox Trilogy
No simplicity in clinical medicine—in my view—is as compelling as the simplicity of the "dysox model of disease," described and illustrated in the Darwin and Dysox Trilogy (the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth volumes of The Principles and Practice of Medicine)

No simplicity allows me to more effectively cope with so many complexities of caring for ill individuals as the simplicity of three primary homeostatic mechanisms governed by oxygen: acid-base balance, redox regulation, and clotting-unclotting equilibrium.
Read the whole article

What Would Darwin Say About The Adrenal Glands? Read the post

April 2009 Posts
Hormones are messenger molecules. They serve oxygen, the king of human biology. Hormonal disorders, first and foremost, are oxygen problems. Menstrual and menopausal disorders respond well to non-hormonal oxystatic therapies. For nearly a decade, I have considered those disorders to be caused fundamentally by disruptions of oxygen signaling.


How does Nature protect unborn babies from insulin toxicity of the mother? This is a crucial question if we want to understand the true nature of the problem of childhood obesity.

For most patients, I prescribe one-half teaspoon of turmeric to be taken with one gram of vitamin C and  three to five ounces of organic vegetable juice or plain water once or twice a day on four to five days a week.  I consider the  combination of turmeric and vitamin C as one of the safest, least expensive, and most effective oxystatic therapy.


Nature of Fear

Burning Mouth Syndrome

June 2009 Posts
Limbic Breathing for Better Health Through Improved Mitochondrial (Mito) Function Read the blog

Dr. Ali's Breast Castor-rub and IBER Self-Exam
Nearly every woman has cysts in her breast. Most women also have calcium deposits in their mammary tissues. Pathologists recognize microscopic changes of inflammation in nearly all breast specimens. Inflammation causes more cysts and increases the risk of breast cancer. So, its elimination or reduction is important in this age of a pandemic of breast cancer. In my clinical experience, no single measure reduces inflammation in the breast more often and more effectively than topical castor oil rubs on the breasts, underarm, and adjacent regions.


The issues of breakfast and optimal hydration are common to all three phases of Dr. Ali's plan for diabetes. So, I address them first.




February 2009 Posts
For chronic pain syndromes, one can have only one authentic primary physician: one's own self. Just as doctors seek advice from specialists for specific reasons, one can call in other specialists for relief of acute pain due to specific causes. For instance, glucose trigger point injections (prolotherapy adminidstered by a prolotherapist) is effective for pain caused by specific trigger points. However, the results are better when the physician in the sufferer—the physician within—adds Limbic Breathing, castor oil rubs, and anti-inflammatory spices (turmeric and others) to prolotherapy. The same holds for the results of epidural injections. 
Read Dr. Ali's post the Doctor Within For Chronic Pain


I have heard that history belongs to the victors. This may be true but only on a small time scale. Truth finally catches up. Hippocrates, the Greek physician, is considered to be the father of medicine. This falsehood persists worldwide in spite of growing evidence to the contrary. If medicine does have a parent, it is East Africa. In 2009, I published an article in the Townsend Letter entitled "The Eastern Track of Medicine: From East Africa to South India—and Beyond"  to put forth my hypothesis concerning the African origin of the earlier healing traditions.
Read Dr. Ali's post the Mother of Medicine

Why Don't Statin Drugs Work For Women?
Read article at

The Grease-Detergent Model of Disease
Part - I

March 2009 Posts
Human molecular defenses exist as plants in the soil of the bowel content. In  The Canary and Chronic Fatigue, (1994), I wrote these words to simply state my primary conclusion derived from decades of clinical and pathological work with the bowel. Year after year, I observed the same phenomenon: Chronically ill patients have severely disrupted bowel ecosystems and they do regain their health until that system is restored-assiduously with a broad-based integrative seed-feed-and-occasionally-weed approach fully described in Integrative Nutritional Medicine  (1999, 2nd. edi. 2005), the fifth volume of  The Principles and Practice of Integrative Medicine Volume.  I described the evolution of my ecologic thinking during the several years preceding the publication of The Canary in Oxygen and Aging (2000).

As Roots Are to Roses, So the Bowels to the Brain
Life Span Beverages

Health, at the basic level, is the oxygen rhythm of life. Next to slow breathing , water is the simplest, safest, and cheapest way of preserving that rhythm.
Read more

A preventive protocol for oral hygiene and to remove fatty microbial toxins associated with of oral infections, chronic gingivitis, and receding jaw bone.
Read blog


On March 5, 2009, The New England Journal of Medicine reported that monthly infusions of a new and expensive blocker drug did not result in any benefits when compared with placebo drips administered to a control group.1 Not unexpectedly, it gave its usual spin to tout the drug. Just so readers do not consider this article a cheap shot at the Journal.

Swine Flu, Ethics
Swine Flu, Ethics and The New England Journal of Medicine Drug Resistance and Tamiflu Toxicity
On April 27, 2009, President Obama reassured the nation about the swine flu pandemic, which the World Health Organization (WHO) had pronounced as imminent. He said something which puzzled me and something that dismayed me.

ETHICS, INSULIN TOXICITY,AND The New England Journal of Medicine

National Health Corps?

Ethics, Disease-Making, and Harvard Medical School

Ethics and The New England Journal of Medicine

Ethics, Cancer and Nutrition

The Anatomy of the Unethical Jupiter Trial

An Ulcer Drug for the Prevention of Heart Disease0


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Ethics-in-Medicine, Inc. was organized to advocate and promote access to compassionate, ethical, and effective health care, with an unrelenting focus on health preservation and disease reversal—preferring, when safely possible, nutritional and nondrug approaches. For those purposes, it is necessary to strongly oppose the pernicious influences of the Medical-Industrial Complex over all aspects of the art and science of healing practices.America's extreme health problems cannot be addressed without a radically new way of thinking about health and the absence of health. The three core problems of American medicine are: The 21st-century health problems caused by poisoned foods, polluted environment, and perverted life circumstances are addressed with 19th-century notions of disease and drugs;

Generations of physicians believe that all nondrug, nonscalpel therapies are unscientific; and
Ethics in medicine—truth and integrity in the work of practitioners—has been endemically and perniciously compromised by the "Medical-Industrial Complex (the "Complex"), which, in 2008, controlled the $2.4 trillion disease- maintenance system in the U.S. There is no end in sight for the deepening health care crisis with the prevailing medical model—Americans continue to become sicker as enormous sums are stolen from them by the Complex. Read the entire Mission Statement


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Ethics-in-Medicine, Inc. was organized to advocate and promote access to compassionate, ethical, and effective health care, with an unrelenting focus on health preservation and disease reversal—preferring, when safely possible, nutritional and nondrug approaches. For those purposes, it is necessary to strongly oppose the pernicious influences of the Medical-Industrial Complex over all aspects of the art and science of healing practices.America's extreme health problems cannot be addressed without a radically new way of thinking about health and the absence of health. The three core problems of American medicine are: The 21st-century health problems caused by poisoned foods, polluted environment, and perverted life circumstances are addressed with 19th-century notions of disease and drugs;

Generations of physicians believe that all nondrug, nonscalpel therapies are unscientific; and
Ethics in medicine—truth and integrity in the work of practitioners—has been endemically and perniciously compromised by the "Medical-Industrial Complex (the "Complex"), which, in 2008, controlled the $2.4 trillion disease- maintenance system in the U.S. There is no end in sight for the deepening health care crisis with the prevailing medical model—Americans continue to become sicker as enormous sums are stolen from them by the Complex. Read the entire Mission Statement